Redefining a brand from the inside, out
Goodman Group

Industrial property specialist, Goodman Group, needed to refresh their brand values. Our brief was to simplify the way they were expressed and find new and engaging ways to embed them into the organisation.

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With reference to one of the brand’s most recognisable visual elements, the square, our solution distilled a broad set of guiding principles down to four essential brand values that could be expressed in static, motion and interactive formats.

We launched the new set of values to Goodman’s stakeholders and global team with a dynamic video. Driven by a series of supers, the video introduces the thinking behind the evolution and finishes with an invitation to explore.


– Copywriting
– Art direction
– Interactive design
– Video production



3D video production: Stopniak Studio
Interactive development: Eyejack
2D motion design: MelloMotion