Empowering Australians to get moving
BT Financial Group

BT has a long history of being Australia’s wealth expert, but in 2018 they were no longer top of mind. They needed to raise awareness on a brand level that would create a halo effect across their range of financial products. To achieve this, our brief was to develop an overarching brand idea that would reposition their entire business around the proposition of Advancement.

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BT believes in giving smart people financial options. Their aim is to use their expertise to empower their audiences and make the complex simple.

Our solution needed to be equally as simple. We began with an interpretation of Advancement. It grew from the insight that, while we all want to make a smart financial decision that leads to the best financial outcome, uncertainty was causing indecision and too many Australians were stagnating when they could be thriving. Smart Move was about inspiring confidence to speak up, ask questions, find out more and move forward.

But before we could get people moving, we needed to get the brand moving. We introduced motion and sound design into the core mark and extended the use of the arrow—a symbol of protection and empowerment that had long been embedded into the BT logo. By amplifying the way we used the arrow, we opened up a new visual direction that continued to build brand equity into BT’s core mark.

We wrote simple headlines around a range of every day financial challenges, and then used the arrow device to transform the headlines and illustrate a pathway from a negative situation to a positive one.

This technique gave us the opportunity to demonstrate how one smart move can impact the future and effect positive outcomes across superannuation, investment, insurance, advice, and private banking.


– Brand positioning
– Brand campaign
– Art Direction
– Copywriting
– Motion branding
– Audio branding



Strategy: Brand Council
Motion design: Never Sit Still 
Audio branding: Cypher Audio